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    10/29 Deadlifts

    Tire Flips x20x2
    Deadlifts 245x5, 275x5, 315x6, 245x11
    CS db rows 50x10x5
    Neck Raise (with harness) 25x6, 25x8, 25x7

    Not sure if doing deadlifts right after flipping the tire is such a smart idea... Similar to pre-exhaustion, but not so good for strength training??
    Happy I was finally able to work in a neck exercise.... hope it pays off....
    Not a whole lot of work on Deadlift days.... It just takes so much out of you.....

    The week day rotation is going to be pretty messed up... Friday and Sat are pretty set with benching and squats, but Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be rotated with GPP, Deadlifting, and pressing...It's just the way thing have worked out this cycle... It may not be "ideal", but I'm not going to whine about it... Just shut up and do what I have to do....
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