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I honestly think there are too many boards these days. That's just my take on it as a whole. With all these boards it's hard to participate in them all. I only visit 2-3 boards every day, this being one. Other boards i check out on the weekends when i have more time.

I've been working like crazy but i stop by every morning to read the board while i drink some coffee. I love this place, but I think we just need more people posting and shooting the shit like weeks past. The more average posts per day, the more others will chime in.
This is exactly it, and I didnt help by starting up ANOTHER one LMAO. But I ALWAYS stop here, UM was always one of my 4 boards I routienly stop by ed if I can. And I alawys will. Plus the owners and staff are hands down THE BEST out there. "no homo"