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    Default Amani Madsen

    City/State: Los Angeles, California
    Height: 5'2
    Weight: 100
    Eye Color: Green
    Stats (bust - waist - hips) 32-26-36
    How did you get started in modeling? I started modeling by working at Hooter's in 2010.
    What are your goals/ambitions? My main goal in modelin is to be in magazines such as Maxim and Playboy. I am also launching my own bikini line in January 2012.
    Any turn ons? Nice smile, pretty eyes, educated, good manners, family morals and a guy who knows how to show a lady a good time.
    Any turn offs? Bad hygiene, uneducated, no manners, no respect for woman, a guy being too forward too fast.
    What's the best concert you've been to? A Usher Concert that was featuring Akon, I really enjoyed Akon's performance. He is totally into it, and it showed.
    What's the boyfriend (or girlfriend) status? I am currently single
    What's your favorite sport or team? My favorite football team is Raiders and basketball is the LA Lakers!
    Hobbies? What keeps a lady like you busy? I LOVE traveling, eating good food, modeling, exercising, shopping. I love being near the water, and anything that gives you an andernal rush! I love trying new things. I will do anything once
    Which do you prefer and why? Boy shorts, thongs, granny panties or are you adventurous and go COMMANDO? Commando around the house but when I go out, I prefer to wear a thong, something is just sexy about a thong to me.
    What kind of music/bands are you into? I listen to a little bit of everything, it all depends on where I am. At the club, house or hip-hop.
    What do you do for fun on a Saturday night? I love going out to eat, club-hopping, go to a relaxing spot or bar to have a couple drinks!
    Worst pick up line someone has used on you? Did it work? "How much does a polar bear weight?" and I said 'How much?" and then, he said "Enough to break the ice" Um, I got a good laugh but he didn't get my number. I prefer a guy just to walk up and introduce himself, no lines needed, just confidence.
    What projects are you currently working on? I am very busy with school, my modeling and preferring to launch my bikini line in January, also it is going to come with Features on the website and a Calendar, that is where alot of my time is going and I tour with my modeling constantly so I stay busy!!
    What kinds of things would you like to see in your future? I always set myself huge goals and so far, I have reached every single one. I dream of being in Playboy and Maxim, but I am sure that will come all in due time. They are steps that I am taking every day to make sure that happens! Besides from my modeling carrer, I see myself getting a college degree, traveling and just being HAPPY.
    Ever have a rock star / celebrity hit on you? Who? No, not yet. I just moved to LA so it's bound to happen.
    Your favorite movie? How could a guy take you to one? The Pursuit of Happiness, with Will Smith. He is one of my favorite actos and the movie is so inspiring because of how hard he has to work to become successful and happy, it is based on a true story. Honestly, all a guy has to have to take me to a movie is a great smile, confidence and 2 tickets!

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    Two for two strong!!!!!!!

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