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Thread: Source Checks 101 (How not to get scammed)

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    Default Source Checks 101 (How not to get scammed)

    Written by T-MOS...RIP

    Are you NEW to the world of steroids?

    Are you impatient about finding REAL steroids online?

    Are you asking for sources in your posts? Or posting your email address in hopes some NICE guy will contact you and sell you illegal substances without knowing who you are or if you are Law Enforcement?

    If you answered YES to any or all of the above questions, then YOU my friend are a prime candidate for getting scammed !

    Scammers prey on NEWBIES like you because they know you don't know how things work in the online world of Steroids. They know you are in a hurry and want to find them as quickly as possible without waiting around


    1. NEVER ask for sources in ANY post you make in the open forums

    2. NEVER put your email address in ANY post in the open forums

    3. NEVER look like you are impatient to find a source or to have your source checked

    4. NO legit source will EVER contact you to offer you illegal substances (can you see how much sense that would NOT make?) SO , ANYONE that contacts you with ANY reason saying that they have a source, will be LYING to you and trying to SCAM you !!

    5. IF any member of this board contacts you offering any source, you should immediately forward that to *ADMIN* so that we can get rid of them from this board

    6. From time to time, someone creates a ROBOT account and posts what may look like a Legitimate Website to sell Steroids. These are 100% SCAMMERS. They get on here in hopes that newbies will fall for them since they look like a legit website!! NEVER buy from a website that posts on the open forums as this Site would NEVER allow a site to advertise ILLEGAL substances here. BE WARNED !!


    1. You must be a member of this board in good standing for a minimum of 45 days.

    2. You must have a minimum of 100 quality posts. (postwhoring doesn't count)

    3. Then and ONLY then, you can PM a WILLING VET/MOD to ask about your source. (DO NOT ask in the open forum for them to PM you!)

    4. NEVER order anything without getting your source checked by the VETS/MODS. DO NOT count on other members to give you references as scammers will OFTEN make multiple accounts in order to give out references for themselves.

    5. DO NOT settle for just ONE source check. There have been dishonest mods/vets in the past, so make sure you get confirmation from at least two or three VETS/MODS BEFORE you ever order anything online.

    IF you can not follow these guidelines, then you are setting yourself up to be scammed. Do NOT come crying to this board if you have been scammed after you chose not to follow these steps.

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    Great info for all.

    When I first got in the game yrs ago.Picked up some muscle mags with the aas advertisements in the back.Not a real good idea,to say the least.

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    This information is some of the most valuable anyone new to this community can get.

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    very nice post if only the noobs would read it

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    Very good read!!

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    New to UM but not to the online game. Good info!

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    Good info thanks for sharing.. I am a noob in the game.

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    Glad I read this, will take your advice

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    Great info! Very useful...

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    great post

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