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Thread: Steroids 101 for Newbies

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    Default Steroids 101 for Newbies

    Written by Big:

    I'm writing this to be an introduction into proper steroid usage, with emphasis on planning a proper first cycle. This information is compiled from years of my personal experience, as well as the experiences of those I know. Each subject that I touch on here should be researched more completely, this is more of a Cliff-Notes version of the basics.

    So you've decided you want to use steroids, and you're chomping at the bit to jump on a cycle, right? Well slow down there tiger. I've been there, I know what you're thinking, but it's my intention to save some of you from making the same mistakes I made over the years.

    Who should be using steroids? Well for starters, lets take a look at who should not be using steroids. Males between the ages of 18 and 24 have natural testosterone levels at the highest point they will be in your life. During this period, amazing gains are possible with proper diet and training alone, and steroid usage at this point could potentially cause problems later in life. Personally I would say the earliest you should start a cycle would be 22 years old, and even then only after your natural potential is reached or at least approached. I've heard too many guys over the years say "man I'm excited! I'm mid way through my 3rd cycle, and people are starting to ask me if I'm using steroids, so I must be doing something right!!!" Wrong answer Junior. If you haven't made it to a point naturally where people think you are using steroids, you're doing something wrong. I wasted years of my life and a lot of cash trying to gain before I finally embraced the importance of proper diet. People told me, but I didn't want to hear it. Eating properly is quite inconvinient and rather expensive, who needs that, right? You do. We all do. Proper nutrition is the fuel we need to grow, until that is in place you're spinning your wheels.

    Next let's assume you've met your natural potential and you're ready for a cycle. That's a big assumption, but without it I'll never finish this article. What's a good first cycle? Many will say that oral-only cycles suck, etc. and that testosterone needs to be the base of any cycle. I don't necessarily agree. Anavar and Oral Turinabol are two orals that I find work well without a testosterone base. I prefer testosterone, but for various reasons some just aren't ready to inject. What about the endless suggestions of deca only, dbol only, winny only, winny/dbol, EQ only, etc? Not recommended for various reasons, not the least of which being that they are quite suppressive to your natural testosterone levels, and men just aren't men without test present. Sure your girlfriend might like it when you start to watch chick flicks with her, but at the end of the night when you can't get it up, you will likely find yourself regretting your decision. I think the best first cycles will be one compound only, testosterone. Dosages anywhere from 250 to 500mg/week for 12 weeks will lead to amazing gains if the rest of the puzzle is in place. Long estered Testosterone Enanthate or Testosterone Cypionate are your best bet, they are both common, affordable, and will allow for twice-weekly injections opposed to the every-day injections you would need with Testosterone Proprionate, for instance.

    Ready to inject? Not so fast, what's your plan to control bloat on cycle? What's your planned pct? What size syringe and needle will you use? Where will you inject?

    It's important to note that these compounds affect everyone differently, and while some may not need an ai (aromatase inhibitor) on cycle, others will blow up like a marshmallow man without one. I recommend arimidex, at .25mg/eod, to control bloat on cycle. That dosage is just a baseline, you may need to adjust higher or lower depending on how you specifically are affected. (a low-sodium diet is crucial to controlling bloat, don't attempt to use an ai to counter a bad diet)

    Do I need a pct? Yep. Steroid cycles suppress your natural testosterone production, Post Cycle Therapy is used to help kick start your natural production. There are many pct's that work well, but this is my favorite:

    Clomid 100/50/50/50

    Nolva 40/40/20/20

    Aromasin 25mg/ed throughout pct.

    What does "100/50/50/50" mean? That means for the first week the dosage would be 100mg/day, for the next 3 weks the dosage would be 50mg/day. For a proper pct you need to wait until all suppressive compounds have cleared your system, so with Test E you will wait 14 days after last injection to start pct, with Test C you will wait 18 days. The difference in waiting periods are based on the esters attached, the longer the ester, the longer the wait.

    What size syringe and needle? Well steroids need to be injected IM (intra-muscular), so insulin syringes will not work properly. The compound will not be injected deeply enough which will increase the chances of an abscess, and the oil will barely flow through the tiny needle. The commonly used syringes are 3cc (1cc=1ml) and I like a 23ga, 1.5" needle for glutes, and a 25ga, 1" needle for all other sites.

    What muscles to inject? Site-growth is a myth with the compounds we are using at this point, so you don't need to inject just in the muscles that you want to grow. I like glutes, quads, bi's, tri's, delts, lats, traps, and pecs. For the novice, glutes, quads, and delts are your bread and butter. I recommend avoiding calves if you wish to walk properly, put bluntly calve injections suck.

    Well there you have it, a very basic guide to give an idea of what to do, I recommend reading and researching each aspect more fully before actually starting a cycle. Remember, steroid usage is just the icing on the cake, if you don't train like there is a gun to your head, diet like it's a religion, and rest properly for recovery, steroids aren't for you.

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    Thanks for the 101 post. Great stuff

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    Great post Bro. Thankyou very informitive

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    Why can't everyone just say it that easily!!

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