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Thread: Access' - The COMPLETE 25 steps to injecting (it is easy!!)

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    Default Access' - The COMPLETE 25 steps to injecting (it is easy!!)

    [quote]There is always a lot of questions on this topic so the below will help all the newbies and maybe even those of us who have done a cycle or two. I know it's a little long winded but it does cover everything (I think! )

    1. Wash your hands (with a disinfectant/anti-bacterial soap).

    2. Lay out your vial of steroid, needle(s) and/or syringe, alcohol wipes, and tissue on a clean surface (e.g. a clean towel, paper towel, etc).

    3. Sit down and get comfy.

    4. Secure the lure-lock on the fit on the syringe.

    5. Unseat/loosen the cap from the needle--leave the cap on loose until ready to draw the steroid. Remember to never touch the needle!

    6. Wipe off the

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    Thanks for the info.

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