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Thread: Opinion on Cycle

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    Default Opinion on Cycle

    What going on everyone! It's been a while, but I need feedback for my next cycle.

    I haven't ran a cycle in over 6 years, but I want to start one hopefully next month. I've ran 3 cycles in the past (Cycle 1. Test E 500 12 weeks, Cycle 2. Test E 600 + EQ 600 14 weeks, Cycle 3. Sustanon 650, Tren E 400 12 weeks). Since I took 6 years off will I respond well to a 12 week cycle of Test E500mg or should I run a 14 week Test E 600 and EQ600?

    Any feedback or opinions? I'm 6'3", 220lbs, and 33 years old.

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    I think you should be fine with just running test e after that long of a lay off. Your second cycle is a good one too though that isn’t going to be hard on you. I prefer to be cautious so I would probably just take the test.

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    Depends on what your goals are. Are you trying to bulk up, cut, lose fat, recomp? For myself, I like to throw in a "kick start" to the cycle if only cycling test. D-bol, Test Prop, T-bol would all be a great way to jump on while waiting the 4-5 weeks for test levels to come up and level out... just my .02
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