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Thread: CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations

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    Default CryptoCurrency Market Capitalizations

    For those of you interested, which should be the majority of members, CC is becoming more and more a daily part of finance, as well as the UG payment system.

    Here is a link to the CC market cap watch. You can see the value of different CC and what they are doing. I suggest you all learn more about this, especially since bitcoin seems to be a more common and logical way to do business in this market we all share.

    LINK -

    Below are a few examples of CC and their value as of this posting.

    1 Bitcoin $86,511,512,029 $5205.61 16,618,900 BTC $2,020,160,000 8.61%
    2 Ethereum $29,231,638,321 $307.47 95,070,277 ETH $386,163,000 1.84%
    3 Ripple $9,917,420,988 $0.256925 38,600,451,446 XRP * $173,419,000 -1.97%
    4 Bitcoin Cash $5,505,341,455 $330.03 16,681,438 BCH $195,756,000 4.82%
    5 Litecoin $2,876,251,168 $53.92 53,338,782 LTC $103,374,000 6.68%

    10 IOTA $1,293,690,677 $0.465435 2,779,530,283 MIOTA * $8,937,900 -0.88%
    11 BitConnect $1,289,072,199 $180.19 7,154,040 BCC $15,620,300 9.29%
    12 Ethereum Classic $1,151,524,101 $11.95 96,389,274 ETC $42,258,400 4.21%

    49 Binance Coin $131,451,000 $1.31 100,000,000 BNB * $6,174,560 -8.26%
    50 BitShares $130,139,898 $0.050046 2,600,390,000 BTS * $4,931,060 2.01%

    52 MonaCoin $123,138,958 $2.26 54,567,875 MONA $31,191,500 150.19%
    57 Regalcoin $108,075,129 $38.46 2,810,000 REC $14,785,800 43.58%
    58 BitcoinDark $106,702,322 $82.79 1,288,862 BTCD $88,397 -3.58%

    I will try to update this thread with markets and CC news when I come across things I think you may want to know or learn about. Good luck investing.

    Respect ya'll

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    Recently, a range of analysts have weighed in on whether cryptocurrencies are in a bubble.

    There is certainly cause for concern, as the total market capitalization (market cap) of these digital assets has surged from less than $18 billion to nearly $180 billion this year, according to CoinMarketCap.

    However, these currencies have been suffering some weakness lately, as many have dropped significantly from their peaks.

    [Ed note: Investing in cryptocoins or tokens is highly speculative and the market is largely unregulated. Anyone considering it should be prepared to lose their entire investment.]

    How To Profit

    Should the crypto markets crash, there are several ways that investors can profit.

    As for which approaches are best, investors will need to decide for themselves.

    This choice will depend largely on their risk tolerance, as well as where they believe the markets will go next, said Charles Hayter, co-founder and CEO of digital currency platform CryptoCompare.

    This article reviews five specific methods that investors can use.

    1)Buy The Dip

    Buying the dip can generate compelling returns.

    However, in practice, pulling this off effectively may be easier said than done.

    Using this strategy successfully requires an investor to time the market, something that many market experts have described as very challenging.

    "Buying a dip in a crash can be difficult," emphasized Yazan Barghuthi, project lead at blockchain company Jibrel Networks, "because when do you know it has bottomed out?"

    He noted that after peaking in 2013, Bitcoin prices gradually lost value for about two years.

    Petar Zivkovski, COO of leveraged digital currency platform Whaleclub, also spoke to the caveats surrounding this particular strategy.

    "Buying the dip only works in a general bull market," he said. "If the global trend reverses, buying the dip is useless."

    Zivkovski further warned traders against relying on the assumption that Bitcoin will always rise in value.

    2)Pinpoint Strong Opportunities

    Investors should keep in mind that even if the broader cryptocurrency market crashes, some of these digital assets could hold up very well.

    Marshall Swatt, founder and CTO of Coinsetter, which was acquired by Kraken, commented on this situation.

    "Just like the NASDAQ bubble, there will be companies and tokens that go on to be very successful, perhaps a future Amazon," he stated.

    Vinny Lingham, CEO of Civic, suggested that investors "find quality coins with teams you can trust to execute and weather the storm" and then hold.

    Swatt offered specific suggestions for evaluating tokens, advising that investors look for digital currencies that have a solid foundation and compelling business model.

    3)Hold On For Dear Life

    One way to weather a crash in digital currencies is to Hold On For Dear Life, a strategy that many in the industry refer to simply as HODL.

    Basically, this means buying cryptocurrencies and holding on to them for a substantial period of time, regardless of how much the digital assets fluctuate in value.

    Barghuthi described this approach as a "classic," stating that "plenty of investors will probably use" it if the market crashes, said Barghuthi.

    While holding in this manner is certainly a viable strategy, investors who use it should stick to holding the top five cryptocurrencies by market cap, said Zivkovski.

    4)Exiting To Fiat Currencies

    Some traders suggest flocking to fiat currencies when crypto markets crash.

    Crypto Asset Management, for example, frequently uses this approach when these digital assets decline, said Tim Enneking, the firm's managing director.

    However, Swatt emphasized that using this strategy successfully may be easier said than done.

    "Exiting to fiat requires that you be able to time the market, both when you exit and again when you return," he said. "The smartest strategy is to allocate money you can afford to put at risk, and then stick with your plan regardless of the variations in the market."

    5)Shorting Bitcoin

    If done correctly, traders can generate very robust returns by shorting Bitcoin, an opportunity offered by many exchanges.

    Bitfinex, Poloniex and Kraken all offer this functionality, noted Enneking.

    However, shorting is a strategy for more sophisticated investors, asserted Swatt. This approach is very risky, he noted.

    Before using any strategy in an effort to profit from a market crash, investors should be sure to perform their due diligence.
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    A cryptocurrency start-up has taken out a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal to take a dig at JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, who recently called bitcoin a "fraud".

    Switzerland-based start-up Eidoo launched Wednesday and bills itself as a digital wallet for people to hold ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. It has plans to launch a debit card to spend both ethereum and bitcoin as well as an exchange to trade both.

    The WSJ ad, which is a clear public relations stunt as the company launches, reads: "Maybe Jamie will fire you. But, you'll be free to trade in the crypto-world."

    Eidoo is taking aim at Dimon's comments on bitcoin in which he called it a "fraud" and said that he'd "fire in a second" any JPMorgan trader who was trading bitcoin because "it's against our rules and they are stupid."

    The start-ups stunt likely did not come cheap. A full page ad in the WSJ costs near $250,000, according to the newspaper.

    But it's a way for the company to try and cut through the noise currently in the cryptocurrency world.

    Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like ethereum have seen huge rallies this year, thanks to rising interest from institutional investors, and some favorable regulation in countries like Japan.

    But the crypto world has received a lot of criticism too. While Dimon hit out against bitcoin, others have taken aim at initial coin offerings (ICOs), which is a way for start-ups to raise money through cryptocurrencies. Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales told CNBC in a recent interview that ICOs are an "absolute scam."

    Still, there are a lot of people talking up the potential of bitcoin. In an interview with CNBC on Tuesday, former hedge fund manager Michael Novogratz told CNBC he can see bitcoin heading over $10,000 in six to 10 months.
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