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Thread: Working through injuries

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    Default Working through injuries

    As I age I notice that I dont recover as quickly as i have when I was younger. My motto back then until recently was always, blow through the pain and keep building. Over the past couple of years I seem to have had two major injuries (hamstring/shoulder) that I figured I would just keep moving and they would heal up. Not so much the case. While my hamstring is close to being ok, my shoulder has gotten progressively worse. I also play softball with the mentality of an 18 year old in a 45 yr old body and after a tournament last weekend, noticed significant bruising upper bicep. There was no blunt force trauma to the arm, just the repetitive motion of throwing, batting and running. Im somewhat screwed with healthcare (dont have any) but its getting to the point where Im going to have to address it. Here is my self diagnosis which i feel is pretty spot on with whats happened:

    There are two main causes of biceps tendon tears: injury and overuse.

    If you fall hard on an outstretched arm or lift something too heavy, you can tear your biceps tendon. (when i pulled/popped my hamstring, i went down hard on my arm which caused brusing last year)


    Many tears are the result of a wearing down and fraying of the tendon that occurs slowly over time. This naturally occurs as we age. It can be worsened by overuse - repeating the same shoulder motions again and again.
    Overuse can cause a range of shoulder problems, including tendinitis, shoulder impingement, and rotator cuff injuries. Having any of these conditions puts more stress on the biceps tendon, making it more likely to weaken or tear.

    Risk Factors

    Your risk for a tendon tear increases with:

    • Age. Older people have put more years of wear and tear on their tendons than younger people.
    • Heavy overhead activities. Too much load during weightlifting is a prime example of this risk, but many jobs require heavy overhead lifting and put excess wear and tear on the tendons.
    • Shoulder overuse. Repetitive overhead sports, such as swimming or tennis, can cause more tendon wear and tear.
    • Smoking. Nicotine use can affect nutrition in the tendon.
    • Corticosteroid medications. Using corticosteroids has been linked to increased muscle and tendon weakness

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    Greet post. No biceps injury here but other tendon issues (knees, elbow, Achilles).
    Pain is weakness leaving the body.
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