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Thread: What works best for the ladies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jahwah View Post
    My buddy has his girfriend on var and hgh and omfg!! Shes dropped bf substantially, has quit var now but continues of hgh. Think she hits weights 3-4x/wk.
    Yes, my wife is the same plan except she's not on GH. Though I hear from others GH works wonders on women at a low dose.

    My wife is using a tab splicer and splitting the Var tabs between 5-10mg per tab day. Honestly, the dose depends on her mood, lol. Plus she does moderate cardio and eating well. She made excellent gains, but impressed with her strength gains. It went through the roof after a few weeks on, while losing body fat. It's rare to see that while cutting.
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    Low dose of gh does wonders for cutting fat in women. It literally is my go-to whenever I need to loose a little weight. Im getting ready to run a 8-12 week cycle myself of clen, var, gh, nolva and actually excited about it because the last time I did this cycle I became to be in the best shape I had ever been in my life.
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