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Thread: Deca, Test and just cycled Hcg

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    Default Deca, Test and just cycled Hcg

    I know every one is different , But I do not even really feel my cycle kicking in until about 12 weeks, Running 500 mg test/ 250 E and 250 c and 450 mg of deca D once a week , Its Mexican Nova so it might not be the best, Great pumps and very strong , Diet always needs a little work, At 12 weeks I really feel it kicking in so I am going to run it a little longer 16 weeks or so,
    Not new to cycles but it just always take me longer to feel the kick, Oh yes I am on HRT, being doing cycles for 40 years , and at age 60 I am doing some pretty heavy weights
    150 lb dumbbells and 360 lb on the barbells,
    Always trying to lose the fat and gain the muscle at 250lbs at 5'11"
    30 Minutes cardo hard, I work out four times a week, Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Friday, about two hours,
    Pretty good for an old fart, LOL.
    Really loved the Hcg balls are hanging good,
    Sex about five times a week, Wife hates me , LOL.

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    Sounds good. Ride it out bro. For me that's a six month cycle easy.
    I need your clothes, your boots, and your motorcycle.....

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    Im with bigun on this but opinions may vary. Takes awhile for my cycles to start kicking in as well and once its going well and Im noticing significant advances, the last thing I am going to do is go off. That being said I ramp up and down throughout the year but never go fully off anymore. At 60 you may be better served just running your HRT dose for most of the year and adding hgh. just a thought.
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    Thanks for the reply's,
    Done everything except HGH , Just never came across a good source ,
    Ask my Doctor once and he refused ,
    We have a few Way of life hormone clinics in the area, May try there but would have to get off my cycle for about 21 days to be clear of the Test,

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