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Thread: Final meet 2013

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    great job jar head,goals are what keep me going.

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    Great job man!

    I competed for many years and hit some pretty insane totals RAW. There is something to be said for listening to your body and skipping lifts when you need to. There is a reason why the deadlift is last and the squat is first. Many times i would just gut through the deadlift and ended up hurt. I've injured my hamstrings many times in meets. Once you learn to listen to your body it's so much easier. You will always be able to lift again, no reason to hurt yourself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by no_refills View Post
    ^^^^^ thanks, but I've had more misses than hits......
    You should if you are challenging yourself. Good job!

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    Overload - I've been waiting for you to throw out some good advise from your PL days.. Thanks....

    Hittin... Merry Xmas... Exactly, If you don't feel the need to take it to the limit, then what's the point of trying....??????
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