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  1. Politics Forum Rules!!!!
  2. First Lady and College Graduate believes she is above the law
  3. O'Donnel and the first amendment
  4. Liberal Intolerance
  5. Obama hasn't spent enough of our tax dollars
  6. War veterans hold different views of midterms
  7. Unemployment at 9.6%. How that Hope & Change working for ya?
  8. UPDATE: Olbermann suspended for Dem contributions
  9. Black caucus says it will allow Republicans
  10. Minister admits reluctant Michelle Obama handshake
  11. Soft Power: Great Moments in American Diplomacy
  12. School Makes Boy Take American Flag Off Bike
  13. Priceless
  14. Should the U.S. Return to the Gold Standard?
  15. Drug-Friendly Netherlands to Close 8 Prisons -- Not Enough Crime
  16. Republican
  17. OBAMA
  18. High Honors: Living Soldier Awarded Medal of Honor for Afghanistan Service
  19. Deficit Hit Men Target NASA's Post-Shuttle Plans
  20. Two Maryland Victors Avoided Taxes on Campaign Staffs
  21. Report: Transportation Safety Board Less Aggressive in Last Decade
  22. Critics Say Obama Lagging on Endangered Species
  23. Incoming Postmaster General Taking Over Mail Service in Disarray
  24. Obama Needs Stitches After Being Hurt During Basketball Game
  25. Secretary Clinton Speaks With China About WikiLeaks
  26. After Busting Lip, Obama Returns to the Hard Court -- as Spectator
  27. Troops' Approval of Gays in Military Buck Historial Trend
  28. The Federal Reserve. The European Union. China.
  30. How Racist are Blacks in Chicago?
  31. The Great Global-warming Crackup
  32. Should ALL US Citizens Have to Earn Citizenship?
  33. Congresswoman, 6 Others, Killed By Gunman
  34. Brown seeks 5-year extension of California taxes
  35. How America's elite hijacked a massacre to take revenge on Sarah Palin
  36. Arizona Law Bans Abortions Based on Race or Gender
  37. Obama Move at U.N. Stirs Controversy
  38. Latino Communities Angered Obama Hasn't Stopped Deportations
  39. Defense Department: Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Training Done by Summer's End
  40. Rubio Steps Back Into Spotlight Over Federal Debt, Libya
  41. Romney's Strategy Hopes to Reverse 2008 Outcome
  42. Schumer Stands by Description of Tea Party as 'Extreme' After Hot Mic Moment
  43. Tea Party, Labor Spend Big in Wisconsin High Court Race
  44. Package Containing Severed Pig's Foot Intercepted on Way to Rep. King's Office
  45. GOP to Unveil Budget Plan Cutting More Than $6T Over Next Decade
  46. Wisconsin High Court Race Could Be Headed to Recount
  47. Rights Groups Call on U.N. to Oust Swiss Official Who Allegedly Backed Qaddafi 'Prize
  48. White House Summit Fails to Yield Budget Deal as Shutdown Approaches
  49. U.S. to Use Facebook, Twitter to Issue Terror Alerts
  50. New Jobless Claims Rise to 474,000 After Falling For 5 Straight Weeks
  51. Raw Data: Boehner, Reid Joint Statement on Budget Deal
  52. How he did it: Three Keys to Boehner
  53. Congress Reaches Last-Minute Budget Deal After Week of Heated Debates
  54. Tea Party, Conservatives Conflicted Over Budget Deal
  55. Obama to Set Stakes on Debt Deal
  56. Budget Deal Suggests Social Issues Could Take Backseat in 2012
  57. Trade Deficit Fell 2.6 Percent in February on Oil Import Reduction
  58. Gov. Haley Signs Bill Requiring Recorded Votes in South Carolina Statehouse
  59. Four Potential Pitfalls for Obama
  60. Congress Ready to Close Budget Books on 2011
  61. FAA Investigation Reveals Senator's Frightening Landing
  62. Obama Disappointed With Lack of 'Cool' Phone in Oval Office
  63. Consumer Price Index Surges 0.5 Percent in March, Food and Gas to Blame
  64. Southern California Republican Allegedly Sent Offensive Email to Obama
  65. Democratic Report: Hazardous Chemicals Injected Into Wells by Oil Companies
  66. Geithner Says GOP to Act on Debt Cap
  67. Boehner: DOJ Funds Should Pay to Defend Gay Marriage Ban
  68. Arizona Gov. Brewer Vetoes Bill to Allow Guns on Public College Campuses
  69. CIA Declassifies WWI-era Secret Documents
  70. Would a New Law Stop Military Funeral Protesters?
  71. If We
  72. Town Hallers Ask Obama: Where are the Jobs?
  73. Liberals May Complain, But They
  74. Timing of Sen. Ensign Resignation Raises Questions
  75. Syria Pushes Back Against Obama's Condemnation of Government Crackdown
  76. Republicans Set Conditions for Debt-Limit Vote
  77. New Home Sales Rise in March After Weak Winter
  78. GOP Eyes Debt Ceiling Vote for Leverage to Pass Balanced Budget Amendment
  79. Boehner Opens Door to Cutting Big Oil Subsidies, Tax Breaks
  80. Bernanke to Meet the Press, Watchful of His Words
  81. 'Birther' Coverage Not Dominant, Study Says
  82. Obama Prepares to Announce New National Security Team
  83. NOAA Scientist Rejects Global Warming Link to Tornadoes
  84. Debt Ceiling Exposes Deepening Democratic Divide
  85. Middle East Politics at Play in Passport Dispute Before Supreme Court
  86. African-American Professor Says Trump is Engaging in 'Retroactive Bigotry'
  87. DNA Proves Osama Bin Laden's Death, Obama Officials Say
  88. Appeals Court Hears Arguments in Obama Birth Suit
  89. Bush-Era Interrogations Provided Key Details on Bin Laden's Location
  90. Former President George W. Bush Declines President Obama's Invite to Ground Zero
  91. Prince Charles Criticizes Government Farm Subsidies
  92. Obama Takes Post-Kill Tour to Kentucky
  93. Ron Paul Launches 'Money Bomb' on Day of First Debate
  94. Obama Praises Indiana Factory for Hybrid Push
  95. Bin Laden Home Videos May Be Released to Public
  96. Longtime Mississippi State Senator Jack Gordon Dies at 66
  97. Iowa GOP Donors Court New Jersey's Christie
  98. Advisers 'Voiced Doubts' About Risky Plan to Raid Bin Laden Compound, Obama Says
  99. Obama Takes Victory Lap to Border
  100. Issa: No Subpoena for Obama's Budget Director Over Contracting Dispute
  101. California Hotel Groups Flat Out Reject Fitted Sheet Requirement in Proposed Housekee
  102. Romney Defends Health Care Overhaul He Shepherded as Massachusetts Governor
  103. Lawmakers Take Issue With White House Proposal on Political Donations
  104. Ron Paul Officially Announces 2012 Presidential Bid
  105. Haley Rejects Claim of Ulterior Motive in Boeing Factory Defense
  106. Defense Department Refuses to Do Speedy Review for Access to Bin Laden Photos
  107. Huckabee Opts Against 2012 White House Bid
  108. Ryan to Decide on Senate Run as Early as This Week
  109. Indiana High Court Rules People Cannot Resist Illegal Entry by Police Into Homes
  110. Eye-for-an-Eye!
  111. Supreme Court Won't Hear Challenge to 'So Help Me God' in Obama Oath
  112. Hospital Firm Florida Gov. Scott Once Led Sues State Over Tax Dispute
  113. Restaurants, Cafes in Pelosi's District Eat Up Health Care Law Waivers
  114. Gingrich Gets 'Glittered' at Minneapolis Event
  115. Fox News Trying To Re Define Conservative
  116. Santorum: McCain Doesn't Understand Interrogation
  117. EXCLUSIVE: Senators Send Letter to Holder Opposing Civilian Trial for Hezbollah Suspe
  118. Bin Laden Tape Constrains Obama Speech
  119. Sarah Palin's Son Weds High School Sweetheart
  120. EXCLUSIVE: New Details Emerge of Radical Imam's Lunch at the Pentagon
  121. North Carolina Looks to Ease Ban on Rare Burgers
  122. Businessman Herman Cain Set to Join 2012 GOP Race
  123. Huntsman: Ditch Bickering in Name of Patriotism
  124. All Ears on Obama at Israel Lobby AIPAC Conference
  125. Pawlenty Announces Presidential Run in Web Video
  126. Supreme Court Rules California Must Free Tens of Thousands of Inmates
  127. Tax Delinquents Collected Billions From Obama's Economic Stimulus Plan, Report Shows
  128. New York Times Reporter Subpoenaed in CIA Case
  129. N.Y. Dem Wins House Seat in Heavily GOP District
  130. Navy Fights Mickey Mouse for SEALs Trademark
  131. Goodwin Liu Withdraws Appeals Court Nomination
  132. White House Unveiling Plan to Limit Costly Regulations
  133. Edwards Meets Leading Figure in Criminal Probe
  134. Republicans Urge Obama Administration to Draft Plan B on Debt Ceiling, 'Just in Case'
  135. Obama in Poland to Honor History, Boost Ties
  136. Rolling Thunder to Keep Focus on Troops Despite Palin's Appearance
  137. Lockheed Martin Hit by Unspecified Cyber Incident
  138. Palin Appearance at 'Rolling Thunder' Feeds Election Speculation Fury
  139. Rep. Weiner Says Hacker Sent Lewd Photo From Twitter
  140. Palin Swings By National Archives As Presidential Plans Remain Mystery
  141. Pawlenty Touts Medicare Proposal During Iowa Trip
  142. Supreme Court: Ashcroft Cannot Be Sued Over Post-9/11 Arrest
  143. Christie Tells Iowa Donors He's Still Not Running
  144. Trump Does Little to Quell 2012 Speculation After Palin Meeting
  145. House Speaker Candidate Smith Switches to GOP
  146. Romney Kicks Off Presidential Run in New Hampshire
  147. Airman Discharged Under 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'
  148. U.S. Offers Foreign Aid to Countries Holding Billions in Treasury Securities
  149. Gates Says Relations With China Improving, as Chinese Military Accuses U.S. of 'Inter
  150. Al Qaeda Urges American Muslims to Buy Guns for Terror Attacks
  151. Alabama Governor Weighs Approval of Arizona-Style Crackdown on Illegal Immigrants
  152. Obama Adviser: Private Sector is Key to Economic Recovery
  153. Ex-New Mexico Gov. Richardson Tied to New Pay-to-Play Allegations
  154. Public Broadcasting Group Names Syracuse University Dean as New Ombudsman
  155. Fucking Weiner!
  156. Top Obama Economic Adviser Goolsbee to Quit to Return to Professor Position
  157. 1 in 3 Employers Will Drop Health Benefits After ObamaCare Kicks In, Survey Finds
  158. Senate Report: Afghanistan Faces Economic Downturn
  159. States Objecting to Health Care Law to Get Day in Appeals Court
  160. Report: U.S. Steps Up Covert Strikes in Yemen
  161. Gov't Aims to Crack Down on Immigration Scams
  162. Justice Officials in 'Panic Mode' as Hearing Nears on Failed Anti-Gun Trafficking Pro
  163. Family of Suspect in Arkansas Military Center Shooting Says Gov't Knew He Was Dangero
  164. Exclusive: Delaware Police Looking for Direct Messages Between Weiner, Teen Girl
  165. Aide: Time Nearing for Giffords' Hospital Release
  166. Who Says There's No Cooperation in Washington? Agreeing to Disagree is the City's M.O
  167. Texas' Perry Assails Obama on Abortion at Stop in Los Angeles
  168. Lawmakers Call for Increased Pressure on Syria as Crackdown Escalates
  169. Ex-Paul Campaign Worker Gets Probation in Scuffle
  170. Weiner's Congressional Pension Could Take Sting Out of Possible Resignation
  171. Controversial Wisconsin Union Law Set to Take Effect After High Court Ruling
  172. Group of GOP Hopefuls Still Indecisive on 2012
  173. House Dems May Boot Weiner From Committee
  174. Protest at Special Olympics
  175. Hotels Warned of 'Mumbai-Style' Terror Threat
  176. Head of ATF Is Likely to Go
  177. Rep. Ron Paul Wins Straw Poll at GOP Forum
  178. Texas Gov. Perry Not a 2012 Candidate Just Yet
  179. MORE TAXES? How fucking stupid are you?
  180. States Look to Enforce Internet Taxes to Close Budget Gaps
  181. Michelle Obama Takes Kids, Mom, Niece, Nephew to South Africa, Botswana
  182. As Consumer Confidence Ebbs, Obama Aims at Affecting 'Psychology'
  183. FDA Issues Graphic Cigarette Labels
  184. Obama's Commerce Pick Criticizes Federal Fight With Boeing
  185. NASA Scientist Accused of Using Celeb Status Among Environmental Groups to Enrich Him
  186. 10 Ways to Save the Economy: The Unintended Consequences of Raising Tax Rates
  187. Census Shows Whites are in Minority Among New Births in U.S.
  188. Military Leaders: We Would Have Handled Afghan War Drawdown Differently
  189. Perry Concerned About Time, Money for Presidential Bid, but Odds Are 50-50, Source Sa
  190. Federal Judge Blocks New Indiana Immigration Law
  191. Huntsman: Issues, Not Religion, Will Decide GOP Race
  192. Bachmann Surging in the Polls Ahead of Campaign Kickoff
  193. Romney and Bachmann Lead Iowa Poll on GOP Presidential Field
  194. Bachmann: 'Scare Tactics' in Debt Ceiling Issue
  195. Bachmann: 2012 Bid Not 'Personal' Against Obama
  196. To Save the Economy, Look to the Heavens? Gov't-Funded Science Initiatives Eyed for J
  197. Details Emerge on Obama Tax Hike Plan
  198. Napolitano: DHS Not Looking to Deport 'DREAM Act Students'
  199. Obama to Hold Press Conference Amid Budget Talks
  200. Rhode Island Passes Civil Unions Bill as Governor Plans to Sign
  201. Kansas Set for New Abortion Limits Friday Unless Court Case Favors Challengers
  202. Kan. Planned Parenthood Receives Abortion License
  203. 10 Ways to Save the Economy: Obama Assails Business Community's 'Complaining' on Regu
  204. Does Canada Really Permit Free Speech?
  205. Guitar-Playing Congressman to Enter GOP Presidential Field
  206. Bachmann Rallies Voters in Iowa Ahead of Key GOP Poll
  207. County Supervisor Proposes 51st State Cut Out of Southern California
  208. Illinois Governor Signs Bill Banning Release of Firearm Owners Names
  209. States Crack Down on Unemployment Insurance Fraud
  210. Keystone: Pipeline Battle Pits Economy vs. Environment, Again
  211. How Long Can Obama Resist Deal on Debt?
  212. Unions Wedded To -- But Wary Of -- Obama In 2012
  213. Obama Resists Calls to Expand Debt Deal
  214. Obama Violated ACORN Funding Ban With Housing Grant to Offshoot, Watchdog Says
  215. 3 Tea Party-Backed Senators Bet Economic Recovery on Gold
  216. Mistrial Declared in Foreign Bribe Case From FBI Sting
  217. National Security Concerns Among Roadblocks Facing Mexican Trucker Deal
  218. States Weigh 'Caylee's Law' in Verdict Aftermath
  219. Boehner to Seek Smaller $2 Trillion Deficit Deal
  220. McConnell Raises Concern Over Civilian Terror Trials in Light of Casey Anthony Acquit
  221. Panetta in Iraq to See Officials, Commanders
  222. Pawlenty Stands by Criticism of Bachmann's 'Nonexistent' Record
  223. California House Race Rattled by Death of Candidate's Mom
  224. Debt Negotiation Rhetoric Rages
  225. Recruiters told to target gay's for enlistment.
  226. The 22 Republicans who told Boner/Boehner "No"
  227. Gangs of Blacks Attack White's at State Fair
  228. Why the Stock Market is a joke!
  229. Stop it B! Obama pay your fucking bills!!!
  230. Perry 2012?
  231. Ron Paul 2012! THE ONE! The revolution!
  232. Obama getting re-elected?
  233. Katt Williams Fucks up a "Mexican"
  234. Illegal Aliens Received $4.2 Billion in IRS Tax Returns!
  235. So what do you think of the Post office crisis?
  236. 2 police officers charged in death of Calif man
  237. More Liberal & Homosexual "Tolerance": Palin's Daughter Berated
  238. Fast and Furious Explodes: Brian Terry Cover-Up, White House Emails Revealed
  239. Would you vote for a president who is an atheist?
  240. "Fuck the USA": Liberals & The Occupy Protests
  241. TX Students forced to sing Mexican National Anthem
  242. Congress and MLB
  243. Gaddafi is Dead! Picture Attached!
  244. 1 Marine vs 30 Cops
  245. CA Liberal Assemblywoman Arrested for "sharing the wealth" LOL
  246. Rick Perry .. On one?
  247. Ron Paul
  248. AAS Bulshit...
  249. TESTOSTERONE RANT Lemme School Ya All!
  250. I have seen a lot of videos