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  1. The Newbie guide
  2. Newbie Helpful Info on stats..
  3. Preparing for an AAS Growth Spurt
  4. Newbie Mistakes
  5. Genetic potential
  6. For the beginner
  7. The Bodybuilding Guide
  8. Hardgainers Guide
  9. Newbie Guide To Blood Work
  10. I.U., ml, cc, etc
  11. how long different steroids should be used for.
  12. Stacking steroids for newbies
  13. Thinking about doing steroids?? READ THIS!! Newbie Info
  14. Steroid Side Effects and How to Stop them
  15. Easily adjustable BB'r diet for newbs or those who need diet help
  16. Small check list before competing.
  17. Kirk B here
  18. beginner looking for input
  19. Humalin-R Protocol
  20. Traveling with aas
  21. Been gone for a while
  22. Let's talk about shot location
  23. Private Messaging PM for beginners
  24. Failure Is Not An Option, It's A Necessity